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100% of Clients Save Money by Switching

You read that correctly. With our strategic partnerships and merchant-first mentality we have helped every one of our clients save money. All while effectively managing risk, combating fraud and chargebacks, and monitoring your account to ensure a long healthy relationship.

Expertise in Your Industry

Whether you are selling widgets, providing a service, or delivering a complex need to your market space we have an answer for your business and your industry. Every credit card transaction is not equal. Let us show you how to best protect your business and accept your payments in the safest and cheapest methods available to you. Every business and every industry is welcome.

Equipment, Software, CRM

We provide all options in equipment and software available to the market. Our technologies seamlessly integrate with retail/restaurant POS systems, wireless communications systems, eCommerce shopping carts, and can assist with any API integrations you and your business require. We are here to work for you.

Payments Solution

Many companies deal with problematic rate increases, fraud issues, chargebacks, and lack of business tools needed to sustain their growth. We solved these problems at a price you can afford.

For Brick & Mortar

Let us show you the latest and greatest in POS functionality with premium features included. Rates as low as 1.35%.

For Click & Order

We will give you full access to your private payment gateway with end-to-end eCommerce functionality and invoicing features. Rates as low as 2.09%

What Works Best for You?

Every business is not the same. We customize every pricing structure based on your individual business. Tell us what you’re looking for.
Give Me a Senior Agent

This is complicated. I want a dedicated agent to guarantee me lower rates and walk me through the rates and fees.

Give My Business A Simplified Lower Rate

I want to see my rates in black and white. I want to see an offer and savings quote made simple for my business.

Retail/Service End-to-End Payment Processing

Your business has the ability to accept payments at the lowest rates in the market. If you are taking payments card-present, we have all the features available to you to turn your 2.69% cards into 1.35% cards. Allow us to guide you through what pricing models and equipment functionality can lower your rates the most. Apply below if you’re interested in passing on your merchant fees to your customers.

End-to-end retail merchant processing
From total merchant solutions to in-store marketing products and coupons, our retail team has a full s
E-Commerce Full-Service Payment Processing

Your website is your most powerful sales tool. It is your 24/7 online presence and your front-line sales agent. We give that platform all the tools so that you can have them at your disposal. It is where we show the largest on-average savings difference by bringing merchants from 3.50% to 2.29%. We can provide full-service shopping cart functionality alongside monthly billing options, email invoicing, customer card vault databases, Accounting software integration, and much more.

Ecommerce tools
- Gateway Services
- Order Management
- Marketing Outlets
- Merchant Account Administration
Risk Management & Security
Risk Management Solutions
- Identifying risks in e-commerce
- Assessing the origins of the risk
- Developing a risk-management framework
- Risk avoidance and transfer
- Reduction of threats and vulnerabilities
- A ten-point plan for effective risk mitigation

All MS$ merchants receive the highest available security compliance features in the market as their base minimum.

We go way beyond that.

Whether you are a business that needs the highest TransArmor® protection, have to deal with regular chargebacks, are in a high-risk industry, or have had your service terminated, we provide these solutions and approve your accounts every day. We have built long lasting relationships with all of the top processors in your individual areas and can show you a custom-built processing plan for your business. We know your business requires a dedicated senior agent and that’s what we are here for. Request a phone call below to learn more.


See what our customers have to say

Helping people and businesses just like you around the world.

We have worked with Bruno for many years. We highly recommend Bruno for your merchant service needs. He is very professional, and he has provided us with an excellent customer service.

Claudia R.
CEO, Truly Nolen International

I own a beauty salon in South Miami. Bruno Rosa runs one of the most up to date merchant services today. He is efficient, fast, and has great costumer service. I have been working with Bruno now for 10 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. He always finds you best rates to benefit your business.

Hanic A.
Founder, CEO

Bruno is the best merchant service provider! Found me the best rate and the right platform to integrate my website, everything without leaving my office and approved really fast. Highly Recommend.

Gerardo S.
Founder, CEO

Very professional and quick. I received an analysis and proposal right away. I was able to save 20% overall and received very important information on how to take payments so that they were cheaper for me. Having a trusted payments agent is a must for a small business like mine.

Fatima L.
Founder, CEO

Bruno is one those guys who immediately strikes you as a solid, trustworthy, dependable source and partner in business. He helped us establish a company and “went to bat” for us with all his might. I recommend Bruno as a worthy processor.

Robin G.
Founder, CEO

Bruno is our valued business partner at US BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, always with positive results, an excellent businessman

Cesar C.
Founder, CEO
The MS$
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Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

Customized chargeback responses and fraud detection.

E-Commerce Consulting

Speak with our experts to take total control of your ecommerce landscape.

World Class Service

Our process is seamless and stress free. You will have a dedicated manager committed to your goals.

risk management & anaylsis

Our software was built to detect involved risk and analyze best route to action.

Innovative tech

Enhance your business with access to advanced business insights only our industry-leading payment processing technology can provide.

Transparent Pricing

No more hidden fees and confusing pricing structures. Our easy-to-read statements, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and why.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a brand new start up or a high risk industry, we have the solution for you.
Looking For Specialized Processing for High Risk Industries?

We specialize in all high risk industries across the board, including:

– Ad Agency / SEM / SEO
– CBD Oil & CBD Products
– Credit Repair
– Digital Streaming
– Document Preparation
– Fantasy Sports
– Firearms & Ammunition
– Gambling

– Medical
– Membership & Recurring Billing
– Transportation & Moving
– ​Nutraceuticals
– Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops
– Precious Metals

– Seminars & Coaching
– Smoking Accessories
– Subscriptions
– Travel & Timeshare
– Vape / e-Cig / eJuice
– Web Design
– Other Mid & High Risk

We are a Start Up/Brand New Business, Can We Be Approved?

Merchant Service Service loves to work with start ups and new business. Go through the questionnaire  and request your guaranteed savings quote.

How do I apply for the Merchant Service Service merchant account and Program?

Step 1: Complete our questionnaire (it takes 5 minutes).
Step 2: Upload or email the required additional documents once requested by our team.
Step 3: Review the full proposal (including pricing), and when ready, Fill out the next steps.
Step 4: Our expert credit team will review all documents; once approved, begin your journey with us!